India Khaas XL Basmati Rice

Khas Foods brings to you the most superior form of Basmati Rice available on Earth. Superior because every grain of this Basmati Rice has exceptional grain length, which elongates to more than double its size upon cooking and has an aroma that is sweet and appetizing. A wholesome treat, India Khaas XL is clearly the smart choice of the smart woman today.
Fertilized by clean, snow fed water from the Himalaya and processed extremely hygienically, it is the most refined Basmati you will ever get .
Definitely the best that money can buy........
Quality : 1121 Basmati Rice
Avg. Grain Length : 8.30 MM
Chalky : Less than 15%.
Broken : Less than 1 %
Moisture : 11 - 13 %
Red Grains : NIL
Green Grains : NIL
Black Tip Grains : NIL
Aroma : GOOD
Cooking Properties : Excellent
Elongation Ratio : Upto 2.5 %

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